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Our products from the SUSTAINABLE collection are reusable before they are even recycled! The beeswax films are in fact produced with cotton fabric, pure beeswax from farms in our zero kilometer area, and natural pine resins . The protective wrapping is a normal baking paper and the packaging is made of paper that can be easily opened to be reused as a container or package to contain another gift.

You can use them to wrap a half avocado or piece of cheese, cover a jar or large bowl, or even use them as a reusable wrap for sandwiches, snacks for work or hiking. By using beeswax wrappers we avoid using single-use films and plastics. Beeswax wraps last 6-12 months when used multiple times a week, and then when they run out of properties you can use them to make compost in the garden or as a torch to light a natural fire.

Beeswax wraps have a zigzag edge to enhance sealing and are available in several modern designs that will give your kitchen a pop of color . All our wraps are handmade by us and for this reason the measurements may have some variations.

Beeswax Wraps | Beeswax Wraps Set 4 (x1 Large x1 Medium x1 Small)

  • Dentro ogni confezione c'e un mix (sorpresa) di varie disegni di misura piccola, media e grande

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